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Providing Everything You Need

At Profit First Taxes, we offer a long list of tax and bookkeeping services that solves common financial issues many small business owners, mainly coaches and consultants face. By working with us, we provide you the tools you need to transform your company into a viable business. We offer the following services:

  • QuickBooks training

  • Bookkeeping

  • Estimated Taxes

  • Payroll (contractors/employees)

  • Payroll Taxes & Filing

  • Budgeting

  • Financial Planning

  • QuickBooks subscription

  • Personal & Business Tax preparation

  • Tax planning

  • QuickBooks online set-up

  • QuickBooks online clean-up

  • Business valuation

  • Business Structure change

  • Business Creation

  • Business funding including GRANTS

  • Business Consulting

  • Funding forgiveness Assistance

  • T-Sheet time tracking

  • HR services

  • Business and personal credit

Office Desk

Bookkeeping Services

  • ​Pay the least amount in taxes

  • Pay yourself proper wages

  • Decrease expenses

  • Stay in business and IRS compliance

  • keep receipts organized

  • Show business performance


  • Monthly financial reports emailed

  • QuickBooks subscription included

  • Discount on taxes (with 3 month or more of monthly services)

  • Manage unlimited amount of monthly transactions

  • Keep up with income and expenses

  • Cashflow management (never overspend again)

  • Track sales and sales taxes


  • Including services in silver

  • Accounts Receivable (increase cash flow)

  • Accounts payable (collect money clients owe)

  • Estimated Taxes (No IRS penalty fees)

  • Profit first method (Take profits, owner pay, and grow your business)

  • Manage employees and contractors

  • Inventory tracking


  • Including services in silver and Gold

  • Project costing

  • Tax planning

  • CFO services

  • Business analysis and insights

  • Track profitability

Working from Home

Newbie/Beginner Package

  • Bookkeeping set-up

  • Bookkeeping training class up to 3hrs

  • Estimated Tax Training

  • QuickBooks Subscription (free for 30 days)

  • Monthly service available

Payroll Services

  • ​All packages cover up to 10 employees

  • Free direct deposits

  • Free employee portal

  • Automated tax forms

  • Payroll reports

  • 1099 Forms and services

  • Wage garnishment assistance

Dollar Notes
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