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What is the difference between a coach and an accountant?

Updated: Jun 15, 2022


A business coach will assist and guide your business by helping you clarify the vision of your business. A couch will use many processes to take your business from where it is now to where you would like it to be.

A business coach may have a good base knowledge of the key business financial aspects your business needs, however they are no replacement for a highly specialized accountant!

A coach can help your business get beyond 6 figures and maybe even 7. Once that happens now what?

Tax accountant

A tax accountant can help your business stay in compliance with federal, state and local laws. Tax accountant will run financial statement to help you see and understand how your business is doing. Are you making a profit, losing financially and help establish and maintain a budget that will aid in your business growth. A tax accountant provides tax and accounting services. It’s like getting 2 professionals in one. Tax accountants keep you up to date with the latest tax laws and regulations while managing your businesses finances. A tax accountant helps you manage your business finances and stay in compliance all year long not only when it is time to file taxes.

At Profit First Taxes, we want to help you grow your business. We go above and beyond Tax and accounting. We can give you valuable business advice to help you reach your goals. We encourage our clients to use cloud accounting so we have access to the most up to date and accurate figures. We use advanced business planning software to make projections and plan your business going forward. Our combination of up to date technology, coaching skills, accounting and tax expertise mean we are well equipped to really listen to you, understand what you want and make it happen.

We offer a one stop shop set up where you can get many of your personal and business financials taken care of not only for short term fixes but also for long term planning. If you prefer to DIY, we have plans to assist you with that, if you need advisory services where you are hands-on with your business but need a little guidance, we got you covered. We also provide full out customized services if you are at the point in your business where you don’t want to do anything yourself and would like to leave it to the professionals, we have you covered there also.

Schedule some time to sit with us and we will customize a plan specifically for your business growth.

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