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Unborn child = $$$$$

Taxpayers living in the state of GA, who are pregnant as of July 20, 2022, are eligible to receive a $3k dollar credit. If you are pregnant and the embryo has a heartbeat, which is usually detected at around six weeks of age, then you are eligible to receive this credit per embryo or child when you claim your taxes for 2022.

Documentation would be required to substantiate this credit. It would be necessary for you to have a doctor's note or other documentation. Your OBGYN or provider should state that you were pregnant after July 20, 2022, and that your embryo had a heartbeat by December 31, 2022.

The credit is not going to necessarily give you a huge refund. The credit is going to reduce your taxes owed. If you are in the lower income, you may not benefit from this as this class tends to have earned income credits and other credits that will produce a tax refund. In general, you do not owe any taxes.

However, if you are in the middle to upper class, and you happen to be pregnant after July 20, 2022, and your child is not born yet, you are eligible for this credit as it will reduce taxes owed.

Aside from GA, there are three other states where this bill has passed. We will soon provide an update on the other states when we have the appropriate information.

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