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1 Year Anniversary

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Today marks the 1 year Anniversary of the Business launch. Time has flown bye so quickly. It seems as it was just yesterday, I was preparing for the big day. Wait, that was yesterday 😀. See some things doesn't change. Many businesses do not survive their first year. I am honored to be among the many that did make it. It was not all grace and glimmer. It took many late nights, lack of sleep, reading, education, determination and dedication to make it here. There where some days that I wanted to quick, well not a full day, maybe more like a moment. Yes! many may be shocked to hear that part. The road down entrepreneurship isn't smooth, but it can pay off in the long run.

I am excited to celebrate this day with you all, and looking forward to many more. On the behalf of Profit First Taxes Staff, We would like to thank all of our past, current and future clients. Without you all, we wouldn't be here today celebrating this day. We have some deals for you guys. From individuals to businesses, Corporations and all. We don't leave anyone out. Check out the website and find a deal best suited for you. If you slept on our Black Friday specials, wake up! Don't sleep on these.

Click the link to check out our offers, secure your spot and get a jump start on your 2022's finances.

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