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Author: Shane Harris

It is one thing to have a promising and exciting business idea and another thing to make it happen.  

Choosing the most appropriate business structure creates legal recognition for your profession. First and foremost, the structure of a business depends on many other factors that are integral to running a successful business. 

You need to understand all of your duties and responsibilities as a business owner. For example, 
this gives you the best approach to dealing with all tax obligations. A corporate structure gives you more insight into all the legal documentation you need. 

I've listed in this book several tricks of building and establishing business credit. 

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Establishing and building Business Credit

Author: Shane Harris



Picture of Shane Harris CEO

Hello there, my name is Shane Harris; I am a Certified Tax preparer for business and personal taxes, with a knack for crunching numbers. As founder of Profit First Taxes, my goal as a tax an accounting professional is to help business owners, like you, find success through proper documentation, lawful tax planning and efficient bookkeeping.

Being a Native New Yorker and resident of Georgia, I have accumulated many years of experience preparing taxes for numerous corporations and small businesses. After serving in the US armed forces, I ventured into a nursing career, while freelancing as a tax preparer. It didn’t take me very long to discover my special talent for crunching numbers; so I pursued a career in bookkeeping and tax preparation. In time, I started my own company, Profit First Taxes.

With this virtual corporation, I, along with my staff, can reach out to business owners across the USA who and in need of financial advice, quality bookkeeping and access to business funding and many other services. What’s more, I have the certifications to back my expertise as I am a certified tax preparer. Not only that, as of December 2021 I will be credentialed as an Enrolled Agent (EA) one of the highest achievements from the IRS.
For me, helping people is my passion. I love paying close attention to the clients’ needs when they request my services. At the same time, I am hell-bent on educating all my clients, so they can understand the many laws and regulations surrounding sustainable business operations. If there is a service we cannot provide here at Profit First Taxes, I will refer you to a plethora of my colleagues that can meet your demands.
Your business finances are 100% safe with me


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Eon G

Where can I start with this positive review of Shane’s professionalism? Her Initial consultation was enough for me to feel comfortable that I had found the right Tax professional. Shane takes her time and goes through your individual and business situation and then formulates a plan of action that best fits. The technology she uses to send and receive documents is easy to use with no learning curve. She worked endlessly to find all deductions and credits I qualified for and only then did she finalize my taxes. I will use Shane in the future and I recommend her service.

Keisha F

Shane has been helping me level up my business to earn more and save more. Shane is knowledgeable and effective. I highly recommend these services

Tanya G

I was very impressed with Shane's professional to go above and beyond. She took the shattered file that I presented to her and made it work. The IRS sent me a letter during the pandemic of a pending balance with the that I could not locate, so I thought it was an error and forgot about it. Once I shared this information with Shane, she went into action, contacted the IRS and got answers that seemed possible for me. It did not turn out how i wished ( not owing the IRS), however, I have the correct information so I can move forward. Thanks again Shane for all your hard work.

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